The aspiration for all children and for every young person is that they should be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society and at work.

By providing structure, support and direction to young people's learning, the curriculum should enable them to develop these four capacities.

The curriculum should complement the important contributions of families and communities.

Our Curriculum Rationale influences how we develop the curriculum in St Machan's. Please select the link below to read it.  

You can select the link to Education Scotland to gain information on the subjects in the table below to find information about various aspects of the curriculum.  

Subject Subject Subject
Curriculum for Excellence Languages Mathematics
Social Studies Expressive Arts Religious and Moral Education
Assessment and Reporting Health and Wellbeing Technologies
Sciences Homework ICT

Learning additional languages has become a priority for the Scottish Government over the past few years.  For more information select the link to Scotland's National Centre for Languages.