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Shared Vision

In St Machan's Primary we aim to provide a nurturing, safe and happy environment where children find learning fun and can develop to their full potential.  We want our children to be confident, caring individuals and so encourage team work and sharing, working in partnership with parents and community.  We are a faith school and pride ourselves on having a truly Catholic ethos where every person is valued. 

History of St Machan's

St Machan's Primary is situated at the foot of the Campsie Fells with beautiful views of the Campsie Hills all around.  The original school was built in 1857 on land which was known as Greenhead, near the street named Greenhead Road today.  The school was originally called St Paul's until the Rev. John Magini was appointed to the church in 1866 and requested that the name be changed to St Machan's in honour of the patron saint after whom the church at Clachan of Campsie was named. 

The original building accommodated 90 pupils but this was extended in 1873 to accommodate 207 pupils.  Further extensions were carried out in 1884 and 1926 with upgrading carried out in 1928-29.  The present building at St Machan's Way was opened in 1964. 

Pupils transfer to St Ninian's High School in Kirlintilloch at the end of primary 7 with pupils from Torrance going on to attend Turnbull High School in Bishopbriggs.  Please use the tabs on the left to find out more about St Machan's. 

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