Pupil Council

Pupil Council 2015/16

St Machan's Pupil Council meet regularly to discuss school issues.  Each class within the school is represented and the representatives provide a voice for the children  to help change things and make improvements within our school.   

Forming the Pupil Council

Each class holds their own election. Pupils who wish to be considered for selection to the Pupil Council create a poster at home to display around the school in the build up to the election. Each child then makes a presentation to the class to discuss their own personal qualities and why they should be chosen as one of the class representatives. The class then vote and one boy and one girl are chosen to join the Pupil Council.


 Our Pupil Council 2015/16










Pupil Council 2014/15 

Community Project

Many children had raised concerns about the amount of dog fouling taking place on the paths on the way to the school. The Pupil Council had asked if we could do anything as a school to help encourage dog owners to tidy up after their pets.

We agreed that we would have a school project and each pupil from P4-7 would design a poster highlighting the dangers of dog fouling. The Pupil Council decided that the children in P1-3 would help to select the winners from each class. We decided to ask East Dunbartonshire Council if it would be possible to have some help to have these designs made into durable, all weather posters that could be mounted onto lampposts and railings. The Community Warden team were very helpful and agreed to help create the posters. They also went a walk around the local area with some children to see how bad the problem was - they were shocked at what they saw!

Six finalists were chosen from all the entries. They were

Aiden (P4)

Erin (P5)

Niamh (P6)

Zuzzana (P6)

Erin (P7)

Fallon  (P7) 

The three winning finalists who had their posters made into large banners were: Erin(P5), Zuzzana  and Erin (P7).