Trout and Trees Project

Children from P7 were involved last year in an exciting project investigating the linkages between river and land ecosystems.  The children visited the Glazert Water near the school and were shown how scientists measure river health.  They got a demonstration of electric fishing and collected invertebrates using kick sampling and hand searching.  Back in the classroom pupils identified different species of tree and discovered the roles trees play in river ecosystems by producing food and shelter for non-aquatic animal species which can be blown or fall into the water. 


At the end of the process the children calculated a river health score for the Glazert Water and found it scored 'A2' which is 'Good'.  The children were presented with a beautiful poster by David and Gemma, the project organisers and this features the work of our children and will be displayed somewhere prominent in the school.  We hope to take part in any future work like this being done in the area.